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Business Institute is a satirical comic series about studying at a business school.

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Business Institute - Characters


Name  Description  Quote  Picture 
Carl  Carl takes bachelor's degree in finance. He is always well dressed, because he thinks that going to school is like going to work. His parents are rich. Likes Apple gadgets and cars.  "I get money from writing."  
Emmy Emily is not the brightest of the BI-students, but she is kind and including to everyone. She studies real estate management. She likes to party, expensive interior, and red wine. "You coming tonight?"   
Jacob  Jacob takes a masters degree in Economics and Business Administration (MBA). He also works at BI. Likes designer clothes and parties.  "We're really serious about networking."  
Ingrid  Ingrid uses a lots of money on beauty products, clothes and branded hand bags. She takes a bachelors degree in Market Communication, and wants to work with luxury brands when she's finished.  "I could only read three instead of five fashion blogs!"   
Ibrahim Student of unknown abroad origin with only one goal: To get freaking rich. This is why he studies Economics and Administration. Wants to become a stock or ship broker. "I'm selling my seat!"
Cecilia Cecilia takes a Master's degree in Accounting and Auditing. She already has a good job besides the studies and is very successfull. Both her grades and her outfits are always perfect.  "You actually had to write an application?" 
Eric  Eric has just started with his bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He has no idea what he wants to work with afterwards, but is confident that it's a useful degree. He enjoys being a student and goes out on parties very often.  "Sorry, I've run dry, but the store opens soon!" 
Victoria Victora always looks as if she has just stepped out of a fashion catalogue, or down from a catwalk. She studies International Marketing and will soon take a semester abroad. Has connections to high society and lots of famous people. Considers working in the fashion industry.  "First, buy some new clothes!"
Freddy Freddy is the coolest guy at BI. A nonconformist who doesn't follow the BI style. He studies Culture and Management, which he doesn't take too serious, and plays guitar in a band. He is known for making jokes about other people, yet everyone likes him. Likes tattoos, rock music and beer.  "Honestly, I didn't think you'd make it home!"   
Chris  Chris doesn't really fit in at BI, and is constantly confused and annoyed by the school and its students. Still doesn't want to quit. Likes hard rock music, football and beer. "The school is profiting, and what about us?!"

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