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In this category I present to you everything that doesn't fit in one of the other categories. It's mostly random stuff I produced on various occasions.

Software Update

A friend of mine needed an illustration for her work. Meet the guy who is very happy about a software update! 

guy who is happy about a software update

Martin Luther

Some christian friends who run a theater group are going to have a play about Martin Luther. They asked me to make a drawing that they could use for advertising, and requested a market scene from the 16th century. 

Dance contest 2016

I've made an advertisement for a dance contest again.

Good-bye present

My job contract has expired recently, so I made a good-bye present for my former colleague.

Some details: 

That's my colleague. She sure is fond of her phone. And she's always cheerful and full of energy.

That's me. Yes, I tend to be very tired in the morning. I need some tea in the morning before anything else can happen.

A&M 2015

Last week, one of my best friends turned 30 and this was my birthday present: 

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