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In this category I present to you everything that doesn't fit in one of the other categories. It's mostly random stuff I produced on various occasions.

Childhood Comics: The Little Troll

I made this series when I was around 4 or 5 years old.

The history begins when Little Troll is walking around in the forest trying to find strawberries. But instead, he finds a bewitched mirror.

Out of this mirror, there comes a doppelganger of himself. At first he is frightened, but later on he begins to like his reflection and becomes friends with his double. When the story continues, the Little Troll finds himself unable to tell if he is the original Little Troll or if his double is. Also his mother is unable to tell them apart.

As he doubts himself, he gets more and more transparent. Therefore he tries to destroy his double by vandalizing all the mirrors he can find.

But afterwards, he learns that it is not a solution to distroy his reflection. Therefore he exists, but merely as a shadow.

He therefore confronts his double which tells him that the only way for the Little Troll to become himself again is to destroy the reflection of his double.


When this is done, Little Troll feels complete again. His mother can recognize him again and they are happy

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