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In this category I present to you everything that doesn't fit in one of the other categories. It's mostly random stuff I produced on various occasions.

Childhood comics: "Carolinchen"

I made this series when I was about 9 years old. I knew already then that the time when I would have grown up was going to be hard. Therefore I imagined Carolinchen which pretty much described my view of the future. Carolinchen is a young girl/woman who has to work a lot since her parents died when she was young and so she has to care for herself.

The series usually began with Carolinchen getting up from bed and being late for work.


She has a couple of different jobs which she gets assigned by an employment agency and earns very little money.

Some of Carolinchen's jobs I wanted to have have as a kid - test person for water slides and ferris wheels - ,

but she also has some annoying, exhausting jobs, for example being substitute for a fork-lifts truck ("create crarrier") and a wind machine.

Therefore, it happens that she faints on the sidewalk from being so tired.

I knew already that it would not be funny to be a grown-up. I already preferred sitting around and making comics.

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